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Why are Verizon upgrade offers so awful?

Today I went into Verizon to upgrade a phone. I saw they are offering a Buy One Get $900 towards a second one BUT you have to add a new line. I have another line that was able to be upgraded but I was not allowed to put the $900 off phone on that line. So I passed because why do I have to pay an additional $480 for a 5th phone line that would not be used on my account. I proceeded with just upgrading the one line. The Verizon Rep then tells me I have a $200 promotion towards the lines upgrade. That's at least helpful....NOT. I wanted to pay the full retail price of the phone up front but apparently if I did that I wouldn't get the $200 promotion? So I left with the  new phone and only $8.33 a month discount on my $300 cell phone bill. I've been with Verizon for 20+ years and I get no customer loyalty promotions or any type of reciprication other than $5 towards an upgrade every time i spend $300 is that fair? I can promise if Verizon does not figure out a way to reward their loyal customers after I'm done woth this phone payment, then I will switch to a different cellular provider. 

Re: Why are Verizon upgrade offers so awful?
Sr. Member

You know, most people are greatful to get $200 off anything. 

Re: Why are Verizon upgrade offers so awful?
Sr. Leader

How does this not make sense to you?  The deals aren’t to save us money.  Never are, never will be. 

The deals are to add business so that the carrier makes a profit off more service.  

Same as all the other carriers.


Re: Why are Verizon upgrade offers so awful?

new line means new line, not your song & dance!

Re: Why are Verizon upgrade offers so awful?
Customer Support

We definitely want to do everything we can to turn this experience around. Being a Verizon customer with us for so long, you are to be cherished. What phone were you interested in upgrading to? We're eager to hear back from you. MichelleH_VZW