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Why do victims of domestic abuse get punished for switching off their abusers plan???

My daughter had moved back home from her apartment that she shared with her domestic abuser.  Everything was cleared up their but she as on a plan with him.  He began harassing her more because he had access to her phone logs and text.  She eventually had to leave his plan also.  She switched to my plan which we thought would be seamless.  NO IT WAS NOT.  She lost all of her phone credits and she has been paying full retail price for her phone and devices.  I have made multiple calls to customer support with no solution.  I have been told I would be contacted by a manager with in 48 hours and no one calls.

This makes no since.  You did not loose a customer.  She simply moved over to my plan with your phones and your service.  She did not try to cancel her service.

So basically Verizon Wireless is punishing my daughter for leaving an abusive relationship.