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Why doesn't Verizon care about their customers?

Why doesn't Verizon care about their customers? I have been a customer for over 10 years. I decide to buy an older phone and have it activated. I go into the store and they activate it. Well the phone does not work properly so I bought a newer one. The first phone I bought was a 3G. They activated it January of 2019.

The second phone I bought was a 4G and can access their newest network. It has everything the latest phones have to offer. However when I took into the store to have it activated they would not do so because they told me they retired the phone. The phone is a Verizon phone . I am an existing customer so there should not have been any issues.

The Verizon employee did not want to bother with me. He talked down to me like I dare waste his time. I asked him if we called customer service could they possibly activate it. He rolled his eyes and said maybe  and that i should call them. He did not offer to call them, and when I suggested we do call them he told me  I should do so myself. Finally I asked him for a sim card so I could get it activated over the phone and he told me no he would not give me one. I am an existing customer I told him and he should give me one.  He told me that he would not give me one and there was nothing else he could do for me.  I thought that was funny because to say else meant he actually did something in the first place. At this point I had to walk out and cool off because I was about to slapped the smug look off his face.

I called customer service and told them what happen and they told he was in the wrong and not to worry  they would get to the bottom of it. After calling the store customer service told me to go back up to the store and they would take care of me and there would be no more problems, Well that was not the case. I walked in and asked to speak to the manager and a different guy asked me why instead of just getting her.

Well he asked so I told him why right in front of the guy I complained about. The guy who I complained on came up and started   telling me he did nothing wrong. he was coming towards me so I told him not talk to me or come at me because I want nothing to do with him.  He then got security and tried to have me thrown out. Security decided to just ask me to calm down. I told him I  will not calm down I want to speak to a manager and I am not going anywhere until I do. Security then said he would have to ask me to leave if I did not. I told him that was not going to happen. I then told them I was calling corporate to let them know I didn't have to go anywhere.

I also told them I had no intentions on causing any violence, but if one of them laid a hand on me they would regret it. The only one that was over 200 lbs was the security guard so I was not concerned about them being able to throw me out.. The manager finally walks out and tells me that I can not talk to her employee like I did. I asked her what exactly was it that I said she did not like.  She replied you said he was terrible at is job. I told her well yes I did say that. I told her I told corpater he was terrible as well because he does.

Now I have the other employee and the manager defending the garbage employee with security right beside me. I tell them everything that happen and they defended their fellow employee. I could not believe my ears. They too would not give me a SIM card. One employee then picks up the phone I want activated and tells me it is 3G and as of 12/31/18 they no longer activate 3G phones. I shake my head and tell him the phione in your hand is 4G. It says so on the back of the phone, and I just had a 3G  phone activated in this store three weeks ago.

I then asked him  if there was anything else he  would say that is  absolutely wrong. Well I asked so he   pulled  the back off the phone  and said this phone does not even have a SIM card slot so why would they give me SIM card, The phone does not require one. I took the phone from him and showed him where the SIM  card slot was.  By now  security has walked away from me and is giggling at the moron that obviously should have  not opened his mouth.  I made him look  very stupid and that just pissed the manager off even more. 

Well needless to say I did not get my new phone  activated, and they did not give me a SIM card. I called corporate and told them what happend. They again told me not  to worry and  they would take care of me and said they  would call me today. Well I never got a call so  I ask again why doesn't Verizon care about its customers? They can activate a 3G phone  which  by the way I was told by customer service will not work on their network  in a few months but would not activate  the one I bought that would work on the new network.  Again the new phone is a verizon phone and there's nothing wrong  with it, They just told me it was retired.  Could not give me a reason why.  I wanted to let current and  possible future customers   know Verizon  is just like they rest of the  wireless companies.  They  figure they have so many customers they do not need you anyway.

Well  Sprint may  not be any better, but they are cheaper so I am going  to Sprint. This    customer of over 10 years  has had it with Verizon.  If you are going to charge more than your competition you should offer something they do not. My guess is Verizon has been charging more and providing me less than what Sprint will.  This was not my first horrible customer service experience at a verizon store, but  it  will be my last. Do yourself a favor and  check out  what the competition is offering. I bet you  will want to leave as well.  It does not matter if it is  Sprint.   They are just cheaper is why I am going with them. I use to be with AT&T and they were ok. They were  a lot better than Verizon is today that is for sure.

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Re: Why doesn't Verizon care about their  customers?

As of July 2018, Verizon Wireless is restricting the activation of phones on the Verizon Wireless network to phones capable of HD Voice/VoLTE calls. This is preparation for the eventual shutdown of CDMA network at the end of 2019.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.