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Why is the Unlimited data not working on hotspot??

I do not have a prepaid plan. Every time I call (if I called every time I had a problem, It would be every night), all I get from customer service is "you need to upgrade your plan". I had been just fine with 6gb, then had to upgrade to 8gb, then to 12gb, and now I am on the unlimited plan. One of the last customer service people I talked to said he would upgrade me to another unlimited plan at no additional cost to me because of my location. A week later I recieved a bill $40 more than what I was paying for two phones. The next customer service gal told me that I must have misunderstood, even though I was able to provide a reference number that, as I understand it, has our entire conversation 
(all in the online chat option). All I want to do is submit my online papers for my masters degree, and occasional streaming of online videos, especially those required for classes. I don't use data to watch t.v. or movies, just basic school work while having a full time job. I am done with Verizon, and looking for something reliable. The only real reason I have heard so far as to my issue is "we wonly have three towers in your area with mountains in the way". Funny, ATT&T has seven...

Re: Why is the Unlimited data not working on hotspot??
Customer Support

We are sorry to see that you are experiencing issues with your hotspot service. This is not the type of experience we want you to have. I depend a lot on my data to keep in touch with family and take care of business. We thank you for your patience as we worked with you to determine what is going on with your data by upgrading your plan. Our goal is to determine what is going on with your hotspot so you can enjoy your Verizon service and do the things you love like stream videos and submit your online papers for your masters. We wish you the best of luck getting your master’s degree. A higher bill will also concern me since I live on a budget. We will make sure that this problem with your hotspot is fixed. To be sure we are on same page, tell us more. How long have you had this issue with your hotspot service? What is the zip code to the problematic area? Does the service get better if you move to a different area?


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Re: Why is the Unlimited data not working on hotspot??
Sr. Member

Mobiel is not meant to be a home internet replacement. if youw ant to do all those thing you need a REAL internet connecton. I'm not sure who you expected to steam on 6, 8 or 12 GB. And the cheapest Unlimited plan limits hotpsot to a MAX of 600 kbps. Which is slow and certianly not enough to stream anything. if you tink you'll get anything better through at&t you're in for a shock but good luck.