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Worst Service EVER!!!

I am writting this so people will know my frustration.  

On 6/27/19, my phone and tablet was stolen while I was at my grandmother's funeral.  Already stressed, I had to deal with reporting it to Verizon.  You would think they would have done everything to help but it was quite the opposite.  

1.  That Thursday, 6/27/19, I was on the phone close to 4 hours.  I thought my devices where insured.  They told me they were not (but they were insured once I checked at a store days later).  I was transferred multiple times and reexplaining my situation from square one every time.  Finally, it seemed things were going to be addressed but they told me that I would have to pay a total of $433.00.  I made the payment but they made a mistake on the order/replacement.  They where sending me "two phones".  Only one phone was stolen.  I needed one phone and one tablet, NOT TWO PHONES!  Just to make sure I am not making this up, the order number is [removed], order location is [removed], order date 06/27/2019.  On top of that, both the tablet and the phone are needed for work, so I needed them ASAP.  

2.  Fast forward to the next time I could talk to someone (AND LOSING A WHOLE DAY), I reported what had happened.  Again, thinking things were going to be resolved, the person told me they would get it corrected.  They explained that they would get the right device out and all I had to do was return the phone.  However, they told me that all 3 devices would not be delivered till the following Tuesday, 07/02/19, 5 DAYS AFTER I HAD REPORTED THE STOLEN DEVICES.  Considering I do 100% of my communication with those 2 devices, my business was already losing revenue due to the lack of my ability to communicate with my customers and clients.  What could I do but agree to the situation as I felt powerless to do anything to speed up the process.  The person told me that an email will be send to confirm everything.  After they hung up, the email came only to cause more problems.  First, they miss spelled my buisness' name.  Second, there was a second payment asking for another $284.68.  Order number 800410, order location X528201, order date 06/29/2019.  At this point, I have lost all faith with dealing the the situation properly on the phone.  I decided to travel to a Verizon store to resolve the problem.

3.  After spending close to 6 hours of my life (THAT I WILL NEVER GET BACK) on the phone and getting no answers and increase cost, I am in a Verizon store.  I show the rep the emails, explained what has happened and he could only shake his head.  Even he had no idea why all this has happened.  First, he shows me that I did have insurance coverage all along.  Second, he explained to me how I could have had the situation resolved in the store and WALK OUT THAT DAY WITH BOTH REPLACEMENTS (phone and tablet).  Last, he showed me how it would cost much less with him vs the $433.00 and $284.68 they were asking over the phone.  He spend close to 2 hours on the phone with Verizon on my behalf to help resolve the mess.  It was so bad that at one point, they hung up on him and he had to call a second time.  In the end, the store rep cleared up the mess and I walked out with the phone and tablet replacement while paying less than what was expected over the phone.  A total of 9 hours of my life dealing with poor service after dealing with the passing of my grandmother.  

Conclusion: I will NEVER trust doing anything on the phone with any Verizon rep every again.  It's best to meet someone in person, and get everthing in writing.  Just think how much time I have taken out of my day just to write this report.  That should tell you all you need to know about the poor service.  


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