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complaint option not available

I do not complain often but after the day that I had I feel that something should at least be said. I have several phone lines including lines fo my children and parents. Today I just wanted to do a simple upgrade. The sweet representative on the phone said that she processed my discount code that we were eligible and texted me the code so that I could go to the store, look at our options, and simply get a phone (this was after waiting on the phone for over an hour). Unfortunately, that is not what happened. The store representative, who was also very patient and understanding, was unable to process the code. I then called customer care again and literally waited on the phone and hour and a half to get someone to answer. By this time, my daughter was in tears as she was exhausted from just completing her first day of school, the manager (also very pleasant) offered to help. We spent another 45 minutes getting everything the transaction to go through. At this point, I still have no idea what I spent on the phone and case as I was so worried about the child I had with me and the others that were at home from their first day of school without their mom that I just left the store as quick as I could. The online checkout would not work, the kiosk took several times to work, which for a company that is supposed to be technologically advanced is disheartening. Through all of this, one of the phone representatives let me know that my company discount did not work and that my veteran's discount had not taken effect so she gave me a phone number to call and inquire. When I got home, from an already exhausting and eventful day, I called the number only to have to wait on the line for another half hour and be greeted by the rudest person I have encountered in quite some time. She cut me off every other word. At first I tried to apologize, thinking maybe it was me being a little frazzled from the day, but her rudeness continued. Eventually, I asked for the contact information to submit a complaint and was simply told I would have to contact the 611 number again (the one I had already been on hold with for several hours early). When I asked for an actual email address, she said she couldn't hear me and the line disconnected. Honestly, I feel like I have been with verizon for many years, with multiple lines/devices, and being that I have only called maybe 5 times, my concerns should at least be addressed with some form of kindness or understanding. When trying to figure out how to submit a complaint for quality review, there is hardly any information and the information that is available leads to bad links. Today I felt that the company had no regard for my time or value for me as a customer. Between all of the "mishaps" and dealing with robo answering services, I am completely frustrated. If I wanted to have to handle everything myself I would have just gone with T-mobile for half monthly price. Some of the employees are very good and helped to calm some of the rage that I felt after hours of this ordeal, but some (such as my last encounter) are just horrid and really shouldn't be in customer service. I am not sure where my standing will be with verizon in the future as I may need a day or two to cool down from this experience. In the future I do hope that verizon realizes that some of their customers want realistic human contact. Robots, automatic messages, and rude customer service reps may save a little money upfront but I can tell you that many of us would rather pay a little more for decent, uncomplicated interactions. Like I mentioned before, if I wanted robotic services, there are many more providers at a much lower price point that can offer the same. 

Re: complaint option not available

Was the store you visited a corporate store or a third party retailer? 


PS a few paragraphs would have been helpful to improve readability. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.