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customer service and $50 e-gift card

I recently received a Verizon $50 e-gift card after making quite a few purchases.   I was happy since I wanted to purchase additional power cords for my new ipad pro 11 inch.   When I went on-line I was happy to find out that one of the purchases I wanted to make was 25% off.    When I went to check out I could not figure out where to enter in the information for the $50 gift card and started a chat.  (Claire)  She really had no idea how to enter it in and said she could help.  However I was told that if she helps me then the price is $7 higher since if I get help, I lose my discount.  Honestly this is absurd - this should all be able to be done on-line and it should not cost me more to deal with an inefficiency in training or ability to use the web-site.  What made the whole experience even worse (which was quite long) was the support person.  They really did not know how to help me and at the end started to make a comment that "its only $7 more"  Well .. I don't want to pay $7 more.  The agent abruptly disconnected.  I asked for a transcript, however it did not show up   (should be with Claire around 9:30am EST Dec 22).  This is totally unacceptable customer support.  I have been a long time loyal customer - even during come challenging times with Verizon.    Customer support is critical since it is the face to the customer and what people remember.  I hope something can still be done to allow me to have my discount and use the $50 gift card.  However, the impact is that if I have a choice of purchasing accessories and devices I will not choose Verizon since exceptional customer experience is my expectations when dealing with a company.  I look forward to your response.

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Re: customer service and $50 e-gift card
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The agent assist fee isn't going away any time soon. From what I heard from a buddy who works at Verizon is that it's there as a deterrent to not waste resources for minor issues.

With long queues, the person with a major issue shouldn't have to wait longer because someone else couldn't figure out how to use a gift card.

Re: customer service and $50 e-gift card
Verizon Employee


We don't want to see you go, and understand how important it is that you are able to use your gift card and discount to make your purchase without a fee. Agent Assistant Fees are assessed when we assist you to make a payment or set up a Promise to Pay: Pay Your Bill FAQs | Verizon Wireless

Additionally, the following link will help you with options on using your gift card: Gift Card FAQs | Verizon Wireless

I've sent you a Private Message to assist with the purchase concerns.


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