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Dear Verizon

It is worrying you have no formal complaint process in writing.  You can only send a letter by post ironically coming from the biggest telecoms company.  I will therefore write my complaint here. 

I believe when you upgrade your phone there is a 'worry free' way to exchange the phone if you're not happy within 14 days.  Within this period I called into exchange the phone and was on the phone for over an hour which I assumed was such a long call because your systems were down.  The customer service rep was about to process the order for the alternative phone but could not complete it due to your computer systems.  She explained she would call me back that evening but did not call back. 

The next day I called again and talked to 6-7 people for over an hour to re-establish the same order from the previous day's hour on the phone.  At the end of of the long call and several escalations the manager informed since the phone was bought at a satellite verizon store it could only be returned directly to that store.  In rural areas there is no option to go to a Verizon store but a Wireless Zone etc.  In addition at that stage it was a day past the 14 day return period. 

If this information was given at the start during the first phone call we could have avoided hours on the phone re-explaining to 8 people at Verizon what we were trying to achieve, 'worry free' exchange, and could have accomplished the exchange in store within the exchange period.  Since your systems were down and this information took hours to uncover we are now stuck with a phone we don't want.  Worry free became a complete hassle.  We have been good customers for nearly 20 years and are highly disappointed with the incompetence and unforgiving policy and lack of formal complaint process.  I hope our concerns can be addressed.

thank you

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Re: formal complaint

You have written your complaint on a peer to peer public community forum and not a direct link to Customer Service. The correspondence address is listed on the Contact Us link. Verizon Wireless - Contact Us

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: formal complaint
Sr. Member

It should have been obvious. You don't buy a phone from Best Buy and then tell Apple customer service that they suck.

When you buy equipment from an indirect store, you return at that store. Verizon Customer service over the phone or their supervisors have nothing to do with that store.

Re: formal complaint

they never call back.

Re: formal complaint
Customer Support

I am sorry to hear of your experience, CORHUL63. That certainly is not what  we want our customers to go through when trying to exchange a device. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and I have lifted it up to my leadership team. Please know that your tenure with Verizon does not go unnoticed and we truly appreciate you. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our other social media means like Facebook and Twitter. Those links can be found in our ‘Contact Us’ link below:

We are always happy to help and are available to assist at your convenience.

Follow us on TWITTER @VZWSupport
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Re: formal complaint

Its pathetic that Verizon is a massive company and that their complaint process is indecipherable. 

They can't make it more confusing. How can this not be deliberate? There is no way simple way to contact them about a simple problem. Sure, there's a "contact us" link on their website, but that is just the entryway into the state of confusion.

Case in point: we ordered a pay-per-view movie and the quality was pathetically poor. We could not watch it. So, how do I go back to Verizon and tell them "um, excuse me, the quality of the movie is poor and I don't want to pay for this?"

Well in short, there is no way. And this goes back to the point made by the previous writer. Plain and simple Verizon knows they are one of the few game. I have absolutely no incentive to satisfy their customers. Their attitude is "Oh, you got a problem? Pound sand."

Well I have some advice for you Verizon: In this day and age I should be able to send you a simple text. It should be your problem to figure out where that message goes to. Instead you put us - the consumer - into a maze like a rat where we spend hours bouncing around trying to find our way through. Absolutely unsatisfactory. If there was a viable alternative to you I would jump ship in a heartbeat and never go back.