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inefficient support - lost time

Back in November'18 during the thanksgiving weekend, tried to upgrade my line at Walmart and since I didn't like the phone, had returned to the store the very next day (<24hrs). Days and weeks went by but none of the systems showed it as returned and VZ continued to charge me for the phone (device payments). Called VZW multiple times or chatted  (not to mentioned, every-time I've to repeat my self of the issue to the rep) and every time it's standard answer. No one would give a proper response. In between if the agent doesn't know how to respond, one of the agent transferred my chat to non wireless customer service, it was SO RUDE. Again called,, new agent spoke, she said she was able to see it returned and will get updated in my account in 48hrs and refund will be issued. she also told me I can now upgrade my line and there is an offer, asked for the details, she went around and around and initiated the upgrade, I realized the true cost only after seeing the proposal, which I refused and requested to cancel, again answer was yes but only thing is I had to call multiple times to get this new issues sorted out. Coming back to my original issue, even after 1 week, VZ didn't update my account. Finally by end of Jan (after paying the device payments thrice), got frustrated and had to take a day off from work and tried to figure this out. After demanding an explanation, finally one agent told me that it's walmart's problem and he tried calling Walmart to get a response and they said it's not returned. From start to finish, I had spent nearly 30+ hrs to get this issue resolved and every-time your customer service would give a false response. Went to Walmart and finally got that resolved. If this was the answer, they should have told me in December, when I had called your support line for the very first time! I lost precious personal time, a vacation day to get this sorted out but lost opportunity to upgrade my phone to better device, all offer become unavailable. Is this worth spending 30+ hrs? definitely not. What did Verizon do about it? Nothing. What's VZW is going to do here? or should I've to go through a legally/local court to file a complaint to claim my 30+ hrs of lost time? Hope someone form VZW can answer this question.

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Re: inefficient support - lost time
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You do know that Verizon and Walmart are two different companies, right? If Walmart botched a return, that's on them.