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Hello:  I recently had a payment taken directly from my bank account by Verizon in error in the amount of $439.84 on 11/2/2016.  I had paid the entire balance due of over $700 prior to that date and there was a $0 balance due when Verizon deducted the $439.  When I got the notice via text that the $439.84 was scheduled to be deducted from my bank, I called Verizon Wireless and spoke with a rep who advised the payment was scheduled to be withdrawn and I should call my bank and issue a stop payment, which I did.  However, on 11/4/2016 Verizon deducted the money from my bank account as instead of the rep I spoke with canceling the payment, they submitted the payment a second time after the payment was refused the first time by the bank.  I called immediately and spoke with a rep on 11/4/2016 who advised she was opening an investigation and that the money would be imediately refunded.  I waited until this morning and when the money was not refunded I called again and spoke to a rep in the Verizon Wireless office in Florida who advised she spoke with her supervisor and the report was being escalated and the money would be back in my account by the end of the day.  I kept checking throughout the day as I have other bills to pay and when the money was not returned by 3pm, I called again and spoke to another rep who advised me the treasury department has issued a HOLD on the money and it will not be refunded until 11/16/2016.  I asked why there was a hold on the money and they couldn't give me an answer.

I have other bills to pay besides Verizon.  I have spoken to so many people and each one gives me a different answer.  No one can talk to this mysterious Treasury Department, no one knows why there is a hold on the money, and why the payment cannot be reversed.  I have asked for accountability and for someone to contact me in writing but that has not happened.  The last person I spoke to was a woman named Joanna  in the financial service who gave an operator number of clajotj out of the Phoenix office and who said her manager, Lalo, wpuld contact me with further information.  He has not.  Please help!

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Re: payment refund

Was this an automatic payment that you had setup earlier?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: payment refund

Yes and I notified Verizon Wireless to cancel it and they said they would. They also advised me to put a stop payment at my bank which I did but they still managed to take the money. Then they agreed to put the money right back. Today I was told they are holding the money until November 16 but they can not tell me the reason for this and offer no justification

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Re: payment refund
Verizon Employee


I definitely understand the concern of not having your payment refunded as requested. Your time is valuable and I want you to have a prompt resolution. At your earliest convenience, please reply to my Private Message.


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Re: payment refund

Due to this virus my job shut down..I received a message that Verizon would not be cutting off phones until next month..I called to be sure..Agent made me make a payment arrangement..I need that cash back to pay my car payment..He didn't have to make me make an arrangement..I explained my situation due to this virus..I need that 150.00 back

Re: payment refund
Customer Support

Shakekamb, we want to assure you that we have your back during this time with regard to your payment options due to COVID-19. If you are experiencing hardship because of COVID-19 and cannot pay your bill in full, we will not charge you a late fee or terminate your service during this difficult period. This policy is currently in effect through May 13, 2020. To learn more about how to complete the short form to qualify, please refer to the following link here (#1):


We will be more than happy to review what can be done in regard to receiving the payment back as I understand having other bills that need to be paid. I have sent you a private note, so we can review your options together.