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sales tax on phone purchase (upgrade)??

ok so I live in MA where sales tax is currently I go on the website today and decide (with my $50 credit from a pre april 2012 contract) to get the free LG spectrum 2 they are offering right now. So I get to the checkout page and the $30 upgrade fee shows up, fine, but then I see "taxes & fees" 31.25 wtf? the phone was 0.00, the reg price of the phone (without the $50 credit & the 79.99 instant discount) is $129.99 but 6.25% of that is only the only other thing I can think of is find out what percent $31.25 is out of $499.99 (the retail price of the spectrum 2) and boom, comes out exactly 6.25%...why do they charge you the sales tax based on the retail price of the phone?? do any other states do this? I did see one post saying CA did it but no mention of those of you who live in MA a "free" upgrade is actually $60 (and more if you buy a phone with >$500 retail)

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Re: sales tax on phone purchase (upgrade)?? wtf

Looks like it is the full retail price of the phone.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: sales tax on phone purchase (upgrade)?? wtf
Customer Support

cduval04, I'm excited to hear that you're continuing our wireless relationship with a new LG Spectrum device. We really appreciate your loyalty. Our free device promotional offers are in fact "free," with a two year contractual agreement. We do not charge you for the taxes on your device. I apologize for this confusion. However, there is a one time upgrade fee of $30.00 which helps us cover the cost of continued technical support, workshops, online tutorials, Backup Assistant, and saving your media online at our website. For additional information regarding the standard upgrade fee, please click

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Re: sales tax on phone purchase (upgrade)?? why

I just cancelled a three phone upgrade because Chris was going to charge me sales tax on the retail price and not the sales price!!! This is not legal and I'm furious

I'm a nurse in Georgia and my husband is a CPA so he will definitely will be reporting this practice. We deserve better treatment especially since we've been customers since the late 1980s!!!