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weak signal

Why do I all of a sudden have weak signal at my house where before I did not? It goes from between 1-2 bars and I am not even moving. Before it was always at a 3 to 4. Why is the signal dropping if I am not moving? I saw that other customers are also having the same problem in different states all over the country. I also saw that no concrete answer was given. It's a little strange that so many people are now having this problem and we don't even live near one another. My son at college in a big city is also having signal problems. Maybe time to switch? If things don't improve, we are going to have to. Seems like a good reason to get out of a contract. We have 3 phones on our plan. If this keeps up, we are going to have to look elsewhere for our phone service. 

Re: weak signal
Sr. Leader

Are you actually having dropped calls or other problems? 

There are several frequencies that Verizon uses to give you service. Sometimes the strongest signal has too many people using it and you may be switched to a less strong signal, but actually get better performance since there are less people using that signal. 

For example, at my house, Band 13 is the strongest signal, with 4 bars, but Data can really be slow since it is being used by a lot of people. Often the phone will switch to a different band that only has 2 bars, but my data speed actually goes up. 

This is called load balancing.