A Lot of Spam all of a sudden
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I never used to get spam in my verizon.net email account - probably because I never use it to sign up / sign into websites.  I use an msn email address for that.

But all off a sudden, since about three weeks ago, I am getting multiple spam emails regarding rolex and viagra.  So does my husband's sub-account.  Just started happening out of the blue.

Did Verizon change anything with the way it handles spam?  This is ridiculous!

Re: A Lot of Spam all of a sudden
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The same here!!! I have been inundated with Rolex and Viagra spam as well. Of course none of it was stopped by the SPAM filter. And like you I never give out  my Verizon email, I only use it for a few select things and have not added or changed any of them in the last year. I use throw away email addresses (Gmail/Yahoo) for all the other stuff and have none of those email addresses are linked to my Verizon account.

In fact I just got 3 more Fake Rolex spams today, the Spam filter is totally USELESS.

Re: A Lot of Spam all of a sudden
This has happened to both me and my wife. VERY annoying. Went in and checked to make sure my spam filter was on. It was. We have made no other changes, it must be something on Verizon's part. These emails are so obviously spam.