AMEX says important emails are being returned
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I should point out that I don't receive very many spam messages. Several people have told me they have sent messages that I never received (nothing really important). They always say 'Check your spam settings'. None of the spam filters are turned on and never have been. My verizon account stays pegged at about 550 messages, the rest seem to drop off. I don' t think that should be the case. There is one spam message in the spam filder on Verizon and that's the only one I've ever seen there.

I use Thunderbird and leave all (try to) my messages on Verizon.

Edit: I found a setting in TB 'View settings for this account', 'Enable adaptive junk mail controls fot this account'. I unchecked it.

Will see how that goes.

Re: AMEX says important emails are being returned
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Please make sure you are using the server settings. Incoming port 995 and outgoing port 465. Both with SSL checked.

Re: AMEX says important emails are being returned
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Amex does the same to me a lot.  If the connections from their servers to Verizon's email servers are down for any reason they don't wait long enough before retrying.  So they just give up and send that message.

Yes there have been a few outagages this last week.