AOL/Yahoo Mail "not spam" not working
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Emails marked as "not spam" disappeared instead of moving to Inbox.

I was supposed to join a couple of online meetings (thanks, Covid19).  I registered for the meetings online, but never received the email invitations with the meeting links in my Thunderbird client, so I finally logged into to check my spam folder.

There were three emails there related to the meetings.  I marked all three "not spam", but only one appeared in my Inbox, and it wasn't one of the ones with the needed link. 

These were training sessions that had been moved online due to coronavirus, so thanks to AOL, I've now missed both of them.  Fortunately, these were optional for me, but what is happening to people who need this for our new work-from-home reality? 

Any way to retrieve the missing emails?

Re: AOL/Yahoo Mail "not spam" not working

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