AOL email thinks my email is spam and wont stop blocking it
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your great move as always stinks.

AOL is blocking my email from work i send to myself

of course they dont do request white list

they dont do contact us and that, they say bother you who then says bother them

but every day, i cant get my mail

i have to log into aol on the web, move them from the spam folder, then go to my email and get that...

fios GREAT email service i have had since it was BELLATLANTIC

is now the same crappy service that google, hotmail, yahoo and that have.

so, brains..

how do i get my business emails i been sending myself for 12 years now you think i am an enemy of myself and wont let me do that? 

i will check back..

but right now, i have 400 emails to go through

and if it continues, i will change to a different company

because my email dont work anymore..

and i lost more money in one lost email than your service costs for a year. 

lost a few more and i lose a car or two. 

and the rest of your services arent that unique are they?

in fact, 179 a month for cable and all that (and again for wireless), and you have to pay per view to see any decent movies? how about drop the few grand i spend a year, get a new email address, and save enough money a year to take my wife to the bahamas!!!!!

i can get email hosting and 100 emails for less than $10.

but the one thing i couldnt get was the ending

if having that wrecks my business (i know, your sorry, your always sorry, doesnt matter what happens, how bad someone is screwed if someone died, your just fake sorry, so dont bother with that one).

After all, why am i paying verizon for AOL crap?

if i wanted AOL crap, i would have not paid for Verizon.

I would have gone to AOL and got spectrum digital at higher speed.

[dont need a sales pitch why being screwed by your email decision is better]

If i wanted a third party company to have access to my private emails, i would have sent it to them!!!

How much money will verizon pay their customers if AOL has another breach and you forced us onto their service?  

AOL confirms email breach, tells users to change passwords - CNET

Hey, want to know why their email service was cheaper?

i have missed several emails and one of them cost me more money than i pay a year for your services... good reason to not use you again, eh?    so let me know how i can get my email from work where i cant change it to my home email where i cant change it so that i can do my business and pay bills like yours... 

i wouldnt have posted this to the forum, except you guys WANT dirty laundry aired publicly...

How do I stop my mail from going into the SPAM folder, OK not spam, doesnt work
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to get mail, i HAVE to log into AOL, search the spam folder, and move my mail to the regular folder. Then leave, log into outlook, get my mail.. then log back into AOL to check from time to time as i wont get it if i dont move it.

I have moved the same email address every day to get to read it. I am actually mailng myself from work so there is a pretty good chance i am not spamming myself.  no matter how many times I select each one at a time, click the ok, and then this whole process, the next day they are there again, and if I dont log in to see an AOL ad, they may delete my mail as spam (this is going to be a REAL PAIN on vacation). From AOL perspective helping would be reducing their ad revenue.

Verizon did a much better job on emails! 

How do we get our emails to come to us?  They do not have a white list process that i can find that would apply to a third party and not a source host. Their help sends you to verizon (or FAQs). Unspamming to the inbox does not get the email tagged as ok and allowed.

Any ideas?

Re: How do I stop my mail from going into the SPAM folder, OK not spam, doesnt work
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Does this work for you?

Options>>Mail Settings>>Spam Settings>>Sender Filter



Choose from one of the 6 choices.

Re: How do I stop my mail from going into the SPAM folder, OK not spam, doesnt work
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Does this work for you?

Options>>Mail Settings>>Spam Settings>>Sender Filter



Choose from one of the 6 choices.

no, that doesnt work, because they ARE blocking the address and i dont want them to

your choices are:

Enable Spam Filter (Highly Recommended) or disable

Block mail containing pictures or files
Block mail containing specific words and phrases

and choice between

     Permanently delete blocked mail
     Deliver blocked mail to Spam folder

the selections really stink as they wont allow you to add one email to let in and not screw up everything else.

here they are and why they are bad in parenthesis:

Block mail from addresses i specify (i want to unblock an address)
allow mail from all senders (and that helps how?)
allow mail from only bellatlantic users (i am not sending bellatlantic to bellatlantic)
allow mail from only people i know (so i wont get mail from new work or others)
allow mail from only addresses i specify (same as the one above, except fewer addresses)
block mail from all senders. (and the problem is unblocking one)

no choice to unblock a domain.. like my work at a famous hospital college

no choice to unblock one address and let everything else work the same

its all or nothing, and all are bad and guess what?

they dont work... ie. they fail, AOL ad revenue up, they work, ad revenue down

i cant unblock my college just to get my emails i am not that part of the college business that does that for emails.... and i cant unblock one address... without blocking all the others including ones i dont know

now, i removed all spam filtering.. they now are dumping my emails - i got them, for a bit now they stopped today.

i tried relay, now they are stopping the relay

this is me mailing myself and AOL doing this to verizon customers for advertising revenue! the savings verizon gets is from revenue AOL gets by doing this, and i have known AOL games since the first AOL when BBS boards were de rigeur.

i have tried everything. now i am not getting my emails and came back today as the relay is now not working. and ALL three places have my name it and match.

moving the spam with the button will move it to the inbox

but does nothing for stopping the process.

they evne make sure to have no process to help you, and they say so!!!!!

ie. work mail has my last name, my bellatlantic address is my last name, the relay is from a domain that is my last name.

hows that for ridiculous?

actually its more ridiculous. they even block the email confirmation from verizon to use my email!!!!!!!!!!  either that or it never arrived and wont.. and no one knows. i click to get it, and gone..

but i did see a lot of ads...  which i am paying to see, and no i dont want to pay to see ads, i can see all i want for free. what i want is working email. (and if you go to outside blogs where they cant delete you, you find out i am not the only person)

AOL does this to make money... if they dont do this, then we dont log in and dont see the ad, dont move around the screens and they cant fake their revenue and lie to their investors (or do they think this IS business? if so, i dont know where they get their definitions from).  and its a lie to do this as advertisers dont want you to negate their work by gaming their price model. 

nothing works.

except maybe leaving..

which as you can tell, i am desperately trying not to

DESPERATELY TRYING NOT TO... (hope the censors see that one)

but they are making it harder and harder to stay every day

going to a service that had a huge break in and exposure of personal information was not a good idea, going to a service that plays with your customers to make money and makes them angry at you for doing that is not good.

sad.. i loved verzion since it was bellatlantic

yes, my email is bellatlantic... THATS how long i have been loyal

how about something that works for the money i pay? everything i have is verizon, wireless, home phone, fios, cable, and more...  thats a lot of moolah to lose for something as easy as not being able to provide a core service well...

Re: How do I stop my mail from going into the SPAM folder, OK not spam, doesnt work
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Does this work for you ?

Create a Folder called: WORK

Then create a Filter

Find:  From: "youremailworkaddress"

            Do:     Move to Folder: WORK

Re: How do I stop my mail from going into the SPAM folder, OK not spam, doesnt work
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Thanks for stepping up to take a shot.


all i want is my mail to be in the inbox so that i can get it using outlook

now ALL mail is in the spam folder from anyone, including verizon

so they think the whole world spams and have cut everyone out

but that sure does maximize the ad revenue doesnt it? and the best part for AOL?

what do they care if they cost verizon a customer?

i cant believe i am the only one with this, and i searched online, i am not

but until verizon loses business and the bosses who thought putting the future of their business in another (less than stellar company compared to verizons) hands wasnt that smart.. penny wise pound foolish...

basically if you look at it and think, you realize that aol is punking verizon while they can and verizon is getting lots of bad will because its their name on the bill, charging people $2,300 or more a  year for high speed, cable, etc, and not giving them decent email..

let aol peeve enough people, lets say 10,000 out of all the others, and they lose 23 million in yearly revenue...  the risk reward analysis would be a very interesting to see, as i am always amazed to see someone get that done and miss that math.


i may try your filter idea to see if it will filter from spam to inbox

aint that crazy?  so far now ALL my non spam email is in spam. not just what i send myself, but customers, and friends and more...

you can move them out saying they are not spam on the webpage till you grow old or blue in the face, and they dont remember or change or have a process to fix that.

at some point, its just going to cost me too much money to keep wasting time to go to the webpage, go through emails, go to the software, get the emails...

now for the first time in a a long while, im looking at other options because if i have to switch, i might as well switch more than just get an email account someplace. A package that includes email is better than a package that sort of kind of includes a thirdparty handling email, serving you ads on your money, and forcing you to do work to get them.. (or find one and pay for it).

they dont seem to think so, but its going to add up at somepoint

thanks for the attempt

but the issue is really between AOL and Verizon..

if verizon doesnt think so, that doesnt leave many options

Re: How do I stop my mail from going into the SPAM folder, OK not spam, doesnt work
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Well today was interesting..

ALL email is now in the spam folder ZERO emails are in the inbox

you do not get spam folder delivered, so you do not get your mail unless you log in, see the adverts, navigate, see more adverts, move them to your inbox, then go to MS Outlook...

since i switched over i have moved them to the inbox, put addresses in the contacts, and basically, if you get a few from the same place, even friends, and nothing untoward, you go to spam..

just to get to the spam folder i had to see five adverts

not including their own promos for their own stuff

then one more after you move them

if i wanted AOL the past 35 years as i am from BELLATLANTIC before their name change to verizon, i would have joined AOL instead of avoiding them for 35 years.

I cant afford this situation to keep going, and i have two cell phones, land line, cable, fios, etc...  email was a major reason not to switch... i had too many long term business contacts from the bellatlantic era...  Not to mention other things have come to the fore that i cant talk about that adds to this issue for me.

I wonder how much i spent since the 1980s to now?

Last time a manager had to get involved to save things amazed at how hard their customer had to fight to be a customer.  At least that person was aware of what it means to have customers for so long and the value they bring to a good company. 

Re: How do I stop my mail from going into the SPAM folder, OK not spam, doesnt work
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under this page on AOL  

there is a selection titled:

How do I unblock emails from a particular sender?

Did an email from a sender get sent to spam accidentally? If it's been fewer than five days since the message was delivered to your Spam folder, you can still move it back to your inbox.

problem, it does not unblock emails, it just moves them from spam to inbox

you can move then over and over and over, same address, and it does not unblock them.. .

then after the instructions

Voila! You'll find the message back in your inbox filed under the original date you received it.

If the emails from the sender have already been deleted from your Spam folder, or if emails from this sender continue to be delivered to your Spam folder, you can add the sender to your Contacts. This will ensure that the emails get delivered to your Inbox going forward.

yes, that way, when you do anything, they can annoy your business associates, and your friends, and family...  the ads may out you, they may out others once they are linked. but why should i reveal to AOL my client list so i can get emails from my clients?  why cant they unblock from moving it from spam to inbox several times? *(they can, i am an applications engineer who writes server software for medical research)

besides, the emails in question ARE in my contacts!!

but if i dont fill up my contacts, expose my business and relationships, they are going to stop emails and cause problems till i do, or till i leave Verizon...

Maybe this was the point of the change?  but given previous AOL breach, and loss of customer information, my customers are not too happy their stuff may go over AOL!!

AOL confirms Mail service hacked - Brandon Carte , USATODAY

Users' AOL email accounts are sending messages that contain a link in them which could lead to malware, viruses or phishing attacks.

Mike Pence started another AOL account after his was hacked in 2016 - SLATE

the point is that AOL is free mail like hotmail, gmail, etc.

once again, part of a choice of ISP is to NOT have that kind of email address where the companies are well known for various practices.

and all this just so i can get my mail?

Thanks everyone for trying if you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!