Accessing Outlook Email On Cruise Ship

I am on a Royal Carribean Cruise Ship near St. Thomas, etc.  I paid for internet access in my cabin.  The access is very poor, but is does work.  I don't even think I have .5 meg down.  I can access the internet slowly, I can view webmail, however I can't send or receive through my Outlook application.  I have all the right settings which are up to date, which always work fine from my house.  To access internet you have to pick the Wi-Fi I am paying for and then there is a secondary login through a web browser using the username and password I have for the internet access on the ship.  Does anybody have any information on this.  I hesitate to make any changes to my existing settings since they work just fine from my home.  I have used Outlook away from my home in the past through different connections and never had any problems.  It isn't that critical since I can use the webmail and I am on vacation, but I do get some business emails at my regular Verizon email address and it would be more convenient if I could just use Outlook instead of the web portal.