All of my vz email filters have been wiped!!
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For the pass 72hrs, my primary vz inbox has reflective emails that I formally had filtes setup that routes to various email directories? I would sure like to know why the changes at vz has made this type of change w/o notification of any sort tp users? An I would also like to know what the percentages would be of recovery for the filters?


1)  I currently use Firefox 13.0.1 as my default browser and notice that I have lost the ability to search my vz email directories. I am not sure if this is a vz problem OR a Firefox problem?!

2)  I currently use Outlook 2007 and have configured it to remove the emails from my vz inbox when I dl, but this action does not occur. This is a bigger problem because I keep getting mailbox almost full msgs; from vz, so I presume that even though I've downloaded emails and asked for their deletion, that action never takes place!

These are the biggest issues for now. Can someone help in this area and provide a resolution?

Thanks in advance . . .


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