Are and Black Holes?

After getting my spam issue escalated to Verizon's OSC Department, I was instructed to forward my blocked senders list (all 786 of them) and all new spam to the subject line email addresses.  I've been doing this religiously for about 60 days without seeing any improvement in the volume of incoming spam.  If anything, I've notice an increase in the amount of spam received.

Logic might suggest that it's not a good idea to forward spam - period.  Rather it should be moved to the junk email folder or deleted without opening it.

Have I been deceived by Verizon's tech support?  Do they act on these forwarded emails?  One might think they have the means to sleuth out the tracking sites or spam generating offenders that spawn these emails, but I'm having my doubts. 

Am I just precipitating the problem by forwarding these emails?  Is there any department within Verizon held accountable for treating the forwarded spam?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Re: Are and Black Holes?
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The use a third party for the filter.  Yes, they MAY act on them.  But they are mostly looking for patterns to block and don't usually automatically add the senders to the list.  Many spams these days, change the sender everytime.

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1. The correct addresses are and

2. These email addresses have opposite functions. If you are sending the emails to both, you are shooting yourself in the foot. The .notcaught one is for spam that was not caught by the filter, but should have been. The .update one is for mail that was caught by the filter, but should not have been.