Baloney spam detector
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20 to 30 spam messages every day for years!
Verizon does not have the ability to detect spam. Running an email server is beyond their
ability. I started out using Outlook and downloading my email. My outlook is somewhat old
it's 2007. The odd thing is the spam detector caught every spam email with no problem. Then I
sent each one every day for about a year to the ><. This
resulted in no change at all. So I begen to send each one separately and all of them bundled,
again no change. This was not working so I decide to try a different way. I got tired of
allowing the spam to even reach my machine, so I started using verizon's browser client.
I checked all settings to be sure they were set to catch the spam. Then I marked all of it
every day now for more than 2 years. The same spam is delivered every day. The names in the
from are the same over and over again. This alone is enough for even the worst spam filter to
catch the spam. The headers may have a slightly different IP address but all in all the same
names in the from everyday. Here is the kicker if I use my Outlook 2007 to download my email
before marking the spam and removing it in the browser client, my old Outlook catches every
one of them. Just what is it that Verizon is doing?????????? I am not new to computers. My
experience is extensive. Please do not come back with a dumb answer. No useless repetitive
fixes please.

Re: Baloney spam detector
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FYI, you're talking to customers here.  If you want a response from Verizon, you need to call or chat with them.

Personally, I don't use Verizon's email services.  I find them lacking in many ways, spam detection being one of them.  The lack of IMAP is another problem.  The main reason I don't use them is that I don't want my email address tied to my ISP.  I might change ISPs in the future and I don't want email to be an issue.

I have my own domain.  It doesn't cost much; around $50 a year for hosting and domain registration.  There are many options out there for domain hosting and registration.  You can pay a lot more and a fair amount less, depending on what your needs are.  I've had my domain longer than I've been a Verizon customer.  I find this to be a good way to handle my and my family's email needs and not have to worry about Verizon's services.

You can also use free email services such as gmail.  Many have good SPAM filters.  gmail can be setup to pull email from Verizon and run it through their spam filters.  You can even use gmail to send messages as if they came from your Verizon account.

Oh, and I'll take baloney over SPAM any day.

Good Luck.

Re: Baloney spam detector
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Thank you for the reply, although I think you have missed my point. BTW this is also posted
in other forums and on a daily feed back to Verizon. I posted it here because it may be of
interest to others that wish to make use of something they are already paying for. There are
other providers here and competition is fierce. Verizon will keep up with the competition or
begin to lose customers. Verizon also has a very difficult time communicating with its
customers. I have called and at times actually gotten people on the phone that have no clue,
one time I believe I got one that was drunk or drug impaired. Their chat conversations are
also useless (usually canned responses). The first thing they want to do is access my
machine? When they demonstrate they have no idea about how to remedy a problem should you let
them access your machine? Although I did not allow access they tried anyway and fouled up my
main outlook settings, which were not wrong to begin with. I corrected their mistakes got it
working and found the problem was on their end. I am well aware of many email possibilities
out there and have many since I started programming for Grumman and building machine in the
80's. The point here is other providers offer good email servers and spam filters, so all I
want is what the competition provides for the same money or less? They called the day before
I posted this, offering more services? I ran down this same complaint and got no answer just
dead air? This is a customer forum, but a good provider will oversee and pick up on customer
complaints where ever they are, if they have any real interest in competing? I don't believe
for a second Verizon is not aware of this problem. You were aware; and as you pointed out,
only as customer? Time for them to fix it or get off the pot. Hang on the competition is