Bank of America Alert
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I have been receiving emails from Bank of America that indicate that due to unsucessful attempts to access my account the account has been frozen.  I AM NOT A BANK OF AMERICA customer, when I attempt to respond, I receive a message from Verizon that this message is considered spam and will not send back to the fraud unit at Bank of America.  Is there no way to stop these ridiculus junk? 

Re: Bank of America Alert
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It's called "phishing."  Never, ever click on a link in such a message.

There is no way to stop them being sent to you.

A good spam filter will remove many of them from your inbox before you see them.  Verizon calls their spam filter "Spam Detector."  Use the webmail interface to make sure it's turned on.  Many other email services have spam filters.

Good Luck.

Re: Bank of America Alert
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As the prior post indicates, you need to have Spam Detector enabled in order to stop this type of spam.  In addition, you have to help Verizon "train" Spam Detector as to what you consider spam.

Assuming you normally use a POP3 client for your email, you will want to log on to the Verizon Web Mail client before you use your email application.  Once you have logged on to Web Mail, review your incoming email and mark any of it you consider spam by clicking on the "Mark as Spam" button at the top of the page.  You may then log out of Web Mail.  This action will also prevent the spam from showing up in your POP3 client the next time you bring up that application.

The learning process may require you to mark some spam types more than once before they are recognized every time.

My experience is that Spam Detector works very well and will eventually identify most spam without your assistance, but your efforts will greatly speed up the process.