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Your email program really sucks, and that is being kind!  It is always freezing up, it crashes almost every day, it is slower than a snail, searches don't work right (if at all), the spell check is the worst that I've seen since Word 1.0.  The spell check thinks that all names are mis-spelled and has no clue for a correction.

When ever I do a reply, if I hit enter to go to a new line, the program will crash and go to a refresh window.  I have to log on again and start over.  Often, I have to go to Word, write my response and do a copy paste!

Come on man!  Comcast has a way better email program!  I've seen better CGI email programs that are way better than the one you are using!

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Re: Better Email program
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Community Leader

Are you referring to webmail?

Or are you using a program to download email to your computer.

If using a separate program, you can use any email program you like.

I like Thunderbird. Made by same folks that do Firefox.

If you are talking about webmail I haven't had any of the problems you are.

Re: Better Email program
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Nobody should consider a Webmail application "the" email application.

One should use an email client that resides on their computer. 

Some suggestions:

MS Outlook from the office suite

Outlook Express

Mozilla ThunderBird (aka; T-Bird)

The Bat!


Pegasus Mail (albeit Verizon made an unannounced altertaion making using Pegasus more defficult)


Opera Mail


Live Winmail

WordPerfect Mail

Re: Better Email program

Sorry, but the program that Comcast used was nearly as good as, if not better than some of the programs you have listed.  The program that Verizon offers is very weak.  And why shouldn't I expect the program that Verizon offers to be just as good for what we pay them each month!

Re: Better Email program

Just to share my .02 cents.  I agree with everyone, that if you don't like a particular program you should find an alternative.  BUT I will also say that I use webmail frequently, and it works pretty well for me. I have friends where it hasn't worked well and I have helped them to fix theirs.  But it involved a few steps and what the end result was that there PC or their browser was the issue, not the webmail itself.  Now there are a few things you mentioned that ARE in fact the webmail like it's spell check.  That thing is pretty atrocious.  I remember it not even auto correcting on the word FiOS or Verizon if I remember right. BUT other things like it's performance and the crashing of the browser were all fixable. 

SO you might want to try a few things.

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Also try something simple like a new browser. Internet Explorer has been nicknamed Internet Exploder for a reason.  

Google Chrome is pretty good. Fast Safe and Secure.