Blacklist IPs from Verizion in Pittsburgh?

Pretty much every IP I get from Verizon in the Pitttsburgh area is marked as blacj listed from the same 4-5 databases/

Is anyone else seeing this?

You can enter pretty much any IP near   and it will be black listed by the same 4-5 databases.

Re: Blacklist IPs from Verizion in Pittsburgh?
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Community Leader

This filtering is present on all Verizon IPs, as many of these blacklists relate to e-mail sending. Basically, the fact that an IP is on a blacklist in this case, means these IPs should not be sending e-mails directly to mail servers, and mail servers should reject them if they're from a blacklisted IP. Verizon offers a Smarthost which can be used to send e-mail instead. If you must run a mail server behind FiOS, you'd have to order business service with a Static IP block.

Are you having a specific problem with your service?