Blown off by support, please help me keep 15-yr email account - WAS: HELP merging defunct dial up …

Sorry for the repost, I need this to be fixed by Friday when I turn my apartment over to the new tenant.

(The _VZ employees that post to this thread are everything I've come to expect from Verizon support.  I post a message, a Verizon employee posts a response promising to help me, I follow the instructions in the "private support board" so that they can contact me in person, and then they never get back to me as promised.  Now I can't even see said private support board in my account info -- it was there this morning and now it is gone.)  Is there anyone else here who knows how to fix my problem, re-described below?

When I lived in TX I had a Verizon DSL account with an email address.  When I moved to Washington DC I converted the DSL account to dial-up to keep the email address.  After a few years, I got DSL in DC, but I was told that they could not move my email address to the new account because it was a "Verizon West" account and I was in "Verizon East".  Instead, they made the dial-up account defunct so I would not have to pay for it, and associated the account with my DSL service, but they warned me that if I ever cancelled the DSL I'd lose the email account.  

It's a couple of years later and I'm moving to an apartment where the internet service is included.  I need to cancel the DSL service in the old apartment, but I still want to retain the email address.  I tried setting up a "Your Domain" account, but because the old address is showing up as a dial-up account the Your Domain registration system won't accept it (I tried both on the internet and by calling a rep).  Two or three of the customer service reps suggested that I use TrueSwitch, but that looks to be used to switch accounts, not merge them -- the point of this exercise if for me to keep the old address, not move to the new one (which I am soon to cancel, anyway).

Can anyone help me? Assume that even if there's a post from Verizon promising to do something, nothing has been fixed.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Blown off by support, please help me keep 15-yr email account - WAS: HELP merging defunct dial u
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Verizon Support is actively helping you on your offline case and engaged as of this afternoon.  Please review your voicemails and respond as soon as able on your original user name Stuck_in_Limbo.  You will not see it on this 2nd username you created.  This issue is not something peers can assist you with.

Thank you,

Verizon Support