Bombared With SPAM
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Okay here's the deal, even with the SPAM detector on I am still getting slamme with SPAM and I can't stop them.  I am at my wits end....I am thinking of switching to GMAIL, for whatever reason I've added them to the spam detector folder on my client and even went as far as setting the spam detector on the web client and they're still coming thru...Anyone have any suggestions to rid me of this issue?

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Re: Bombared With SPAM
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Community Leader
  1. Switch userid (assuming its not your primary)
  2. Use a eMail client rather than the web version.
  3. Implement addition anti-spam software with your eMail client if necessary

I get about a dozen a day to one of my older ids.  While my primary email has gotten 2 in a year.   I almost exclusively use a eMail client which catches most of them and I have it forward copies to   and

Re: Bombared With SPAM
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Same for me, 5 to 10 spam emails a day for the last month.  I report them all, they do not stop.  I block them, they do not stop.  I set up filters, they do not work.

I am guessing that Verizon simply wants people to stop using an ISP for an email address.  I get less spam on my Hotmail account!