Breaking link between Yahoo and Verizon email
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Could someone please let me know who to talk to about severing the link between my Verizon email and Yahoo once and for all?  I’ve spent hours searching on the internet but all of the discussions are from years ago so the steps don’t match.   Verizon had the big email conversion and nothing ever changed on my account.  I have so many issues with either not receiving emails or people not receiving mine, emails arrive sometimes days later.  I just want to get rid of the Yahoo aspect altogether!

if it wasn’t such a pain to change my email address, I would quit Verizon email.   

Thank you!

Lee Ann

Re: Breaking link between Yahoo and Verizon email
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Community Leader

Probably harder to do now that the migration to AOL has been done.  My guess AOL and Yahoo.

Or you could just create a new eMail id at AOL.