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Is there a way to do a bulke deletion of emails?  For instance, I must have over 10,000 ebay emails and it would take forever to delete them one at a time.  I can't just delete everything because some files are very important.


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Move your important emails into another folder.

Note that ANYTHING in your Inbox will be deleted if you follow solution posted.


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Re: How delete over 20,000 old emails messages easily?

‎03-23-2012 10:13 PM

Hey all.

To delete all of your messages from your inbox, go to the settings tab, and then go down to "Number of messages per page" and set it to "No limit". Hit "Save" at the top and then hit OK when it asks you to refresh your browser. Then in your inbox, check the box that is to the left of "Sender" and hit delete. It will take a long time if you have that many messages, but it'll get done. Cheers!

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