Business to Residential - Keeping address

I had a business account and established an email address (subaccount of phone#). I changed carriers in the process of a move. The line was disconnected. i did not realize the email was so interconnected with the hsi account.

I wanted to have the email address repointed to an acticve existing residential phone # and account I already have.

The account names of res and bus both match. According to the online info, I can not use the as

it was business and not applicable. Tech supt says they can not repoint as the business number was disconnected.

But they also indicate the email address is out there just inactive.

Is there anyway to either repoint? Or to have the email account deleted from the email server on the business end

so the name would become availible again and I could recreate it under the residential number and account?

Any assistance or info would be greatly appreciated as I already have 15 hours over 10 phone calls and 18 days (since Jan 10 when port was completed) and I still have no resolution. It has actually created more problems.... but those seem to have been all resolved, except the inital and main issue of access to the email.

Why is the email associated with phone numbers and hsi service? Couldnt it be linked to the something else for this very reason? Seems others have had the issue and there is no proactive response on Verizon's end to this outstanding issue.

Why, as a business customer since 08 and residential user since 97, is this such an issue for a 1.7B$ telecommunications company?