Calendar sharing not working

I have set up a calendar to share with one of my sub account and it is not allowing me to see it.  Is there something special I need to do?  The setting is set to share with the sub's email account.  Please help this is a great feature if I can get it to work.


Re: Calendar sharing not working
Master - Level 3

Sorry to hear about the problems with the sharing of your calendar. From what I understood you have created a calendar and edited it to share with the email address of one of your subaccount. You are half way there 🙂 Next step is for the sub account to subscribe to your calendar now. Log into the subaccount and pull up their calendar. On the left hand side towards the bottom there is a button saying "Subscribe to Calendar". Click on that. A new window will pull up with options. Click the drop down box and select the option saying " Shared Calendars" and in the text box type the username of your primary account and click search. You will see the calendar come up and click the red button to subscribe to it. Please let me know if further help is needed.