Can Anybody Explain What Happens To a Blocked Outgoing Message AFTER:

Hello.  I am on the verge of cancelling Verizon service due to two blocked outgoing messages. Everyone has seen the

Spam and Outgoing Message FAQs, right?    My understanding based on Verizon's procedures is that when the robocop determines that my message is spam and that I must be a spammer, I forward it, with no changes to this addy:

The process goes on to say this:  "Within an hour of receiving your report, we will reevaluate the digital signature and, if the message is believed to be legitimate, adjust our spam filters as appropriate. Please note that Verizon won’t notify you about the outcome of our review. Rather, you should try resending the message 30 – 60 minutes after submitting your report to Verizon."

Now, any right thinking person believes that a real live human being is then going to read my message, see that it clearly is NOT spam and do whatever is necessary to send it on.

My queston now is this:  Assuming that I am correct, some real live Verizon employee is arbitarily blocking my outgoing message that have NOTHING to do with spam because I STILL cannot send my messages to the respective recipients.  In the one case, I was contacting a webmaster about rehiring them to once again, reinstall music on my website since the host site went down.  I included the code that was used because it was a very time-consuming job for the programmer.  In the second case, I was emailing my best friend and I shared a url for our local community concert event coming up as well as a website where I purchased a beautifully made doll.  I wanted her to see the picture of the doll.  NO intelligent person on the face of this earth would possibly read the content of either email and conclude that it is spam.

Why doesn't Verizon have a way to talk to a person in that department who is making those decisions? What are they so afraid of?  What kind of legal rights do I have as a paying customer who can't get the service that I paid for????

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Verizon support is in receipt of this issue. We will send you a PM to gather additional information.


Tonya D.

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Re: Can Anybody Explain What Happens To a Blocked Outgoing Message AFTER:
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As stated in the Spam FAQ page, you will not get any response when sending the message to for review. You attach the message that you are unable to send, and they review it. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the filter will either be updated to allow the content that was previously blocked, or it will be determined to be a legitimate block and no changes will be made.

Some troubleshooting steps you can try:
If you have a signature, try removing one line at a time from it and attempting to send the message again. Some signatures look like "ads" to the filters, apparently.

If you are using a pop3 client (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.) try sending your message from the website. If this resolves the issue, then it is something that your client is adding to the message that is causing it to be blocked.

If the Subject line of your message has a whole bunch of "Fwd: Fwd: Re: Fwd:" try removing some of them.

Remove any links/URLs from the email one at a time to isolate if one of them is causing the block.

This is just a compiled list of some tricks I've found, that might possibly be helpful in your case. No promises though. Best of luck with Verizon support.

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That is kind of you to attempt to help, however, this is very frustrating as I'm not sure why I have given the impression that I am unware of what the detector procedures are.

I assure you, I can read and comprehend.  That's why I bothered to include parts of the message one sees when this problem is encountered.  I believe I was very clear in expressing the nature of the problem.  What no one seems to be able to address is my REAL issue and that is very unfortunate.  I cannot believe that I am the ONLY Verizon customer who has not experienced this, or who thinks that this appalling situation for paying customers who have done nothing wrong, does not concern them. 

Again, the real issue is what happens  AFTER one has sent the message PER the directions.  The fact that there is a LIVE flesh and blood person who cannot seem to be able to read and comprehend content is the problem.   That is their job.  They are supposed to REVIEW messages as in read them, see what is in them and then make adjustments when they can CLEARLY see there is no spam involved.   My messages are NOT spam.    There is NOTHING wrong with the content of my messages OR the URL that in one case was in the message.  Verizon is perfectly happy to take my money for internet service, but does not have the guts to provide a direct way to speak to the ACTUAL department that is reviewing my message so that they can have an opportunity to correct a mistake on their part.  If they DID, then I could simply say, "could you please explain to me WHAT you think is so wrong with the URL belonging to the famous, legitimate Tonner Doll Company???"

If there is a live flesh and blood person making the determination that there is something wrong with my second message AFTER I have sent it for review, then they should have the guts to explain to me WHAT is so wrong with me trying to conduct business with a computer programmer so that music can be reinstalled on my web site for them to determine that the message is spam.  AGAIN, we are no longer talking about a robo system that identifies certain things.  I get the robocop aspect and fully understand why some mistakes can be made.  The continuation of the mistake by a live verizon employee is what is unacceptable and inexcusable.  

Not only do the procedures reveal a great deal of secrecy and hostility towards customers by NOT allowing for follow up via a person conversation, etc, in my case, the folks at Spamdetector out and out lied about not having received the two problem messages when I have DAILY resent them to the correct address.