Can I drop Verizon DSL after my email is migrated to AOL?
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Can I drop verizon DSL altogether and still keep my verizon email after my email is migrated to AOL?

I use DSL as a backup in case my regular ISP is ever down....I actually have cable internet, since no FIOS available in my area.    I just spoke to a Verizon customer rep who was polite, but told me no discounts currently available.   I was getting a 50% off discount on bundle consisting of a legacy copper land line (no long distance) plus a slow DSL which is less than 1 tenth the speed of cable internet.    I reasoned they were giving me the nice discount because they know their land line service isn't that great....there are times when there is static and sometimes connections get dropped....also they know that DSL is only used as a backup and it is slow...only around 1152Kbs if I recall correctly.....or is it even slower than that?'s not the highest speed DSL that verizon offers....but it's only used by me as a backup.  

If no discounts, the I may just drop verizon altogether, but it would be good know if I could keep my email after the AOL migration.    Otherwise, maybe I start switching to another email provider.   Is there another provider that anyone here recommends that is reliable and doesn't scan the content of my emails to try and target advertising to me?   Thanks.