Can others see my mail?
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I use the internet to check my email at work using inprivate browser.

is there a way that supervisors at my job can somehow see my emails or things I print even after I sign out?

can they get my password, etc.?

we use windows 7.  we are a small office and we dont have IT people, but we do have a server.

I think Im totally paranoid and they dont have the time or tools to do this, but you never know.

thanks in advance!

Re: Can others see my mail?
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That depends entirely on how tech-savvy and interested your company is. There are plenty of screen capture/keylogging softwares available to companies that want to use them to monitor their employees, and hardware devices if they want to go that route.

Re: Can others see my mail?
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Someone who knows how to use a Sniffer program could also view your emails.