Can't add my Verizon Yahoo email to Outlook 2013

I haven't been able to access my Verizon Yahoo email since yesterday. Apparently there is an issue with the Yahoo mail server. The Verizon tech I chatted with this morning said I could migrate away from Yahoo (set it up years ago when I first got Verizon) and import my email to Outlook by setting up a Pop3 client. 

I have tried multiple times and each time it fails. 

Can someone please tell me the correct settings to enter for incoming and outgoing servers/advanced settings/what to check, uncheck/encryption, etc. 

I don't want to lose all of my emails, folder, and contacts I have. 

I was then told in order to migrate away from Yahoo to log in to the primary email at and highlight 'My Verizon' at the top, select 'Change My Profile' on the left. Go down to 'Online Experience' and have them click on 'Change my online experience.' There will be step by step instructions so the customer can remove the Yahoo and return to the Verizon portal. 

The problem with this is that the website does not have these items to click since it changed as I believe these are extremely old instructions that no longer apply. 

Can anyone please assist?

Re: Can't add my Verizon Yahoo email to Outlook 2013
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You would have to get your account disconnected from Yahoo before it works.  Once you do the settings are described in .

Re: Can't add my Verizon Yahoo email to Outlook 2013
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Of course do not change your experience until you have backed up all you current stuff on yahoo. Once you change it you will no longer have access to it.

Can you log into yahoo mail online? go to log in and select check email. If it takes you to your email then everything should be good an just check the outlook settings.

pretty sure settings are:

995 ssl

465 ssl

username should be entire email address

If you get server currently unavailable when you click check email. log out of and follow forgot password link when you try to log in. If resetting password doesnt correct call back in. You account is messed up and it isnt a yahoo issue.

Once you back up everything you can remove yahoo portal on the profile section at bottom of page. You have to log in at with the primary email address on account, If you dont see it, you might be logged in with a subaccount.