Can't see older emails in inbox

I am having an issue using the My Verizon 2.0 website to access my email. I switched over to Verizon around the end of Oct last year and when I open my email on Verizon's site and look at my inbox, I can only see email back for a couple of weeks. I also use Thunderbird to access my email on another computer (not here with me at the time) and I can see all of my old emails. I am fairly certain that I have my Thunderbird set to keep email on server until deleted,but I will double check.

The other day I could see emails back til about 12/30, today I can only see them from 1/1... confused.. is there an archive being done that I can't see? Or is there something I need to do differently to access my complete inbox?


Re: Can't see older emails in inbox
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Navigate to your E mail page and check your E mail settings.