Can't send emails from Outlook or iphones
Chatted, called, called again, took over computer, told me settings were good and that it was Verizon's fault. They would fix within 48 hours. 3 weeks later, still can't send emails through Outlook or iPhones and no one will get back to me. Verizon is terrible!!!!!!
Re: Can't send emails from Outlook or iphones
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Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone........the forum will verify that......I gave the MexicoVerizon./India AOL  7 hours of my life and like you my desktop.....Those guys get paid nothing by the hour and are restricted on all kinds of levels including English pronunciation.  

Don't waste your time on the phone...migrate your e-mails to google just in case they don't get their stuff together it's easy....

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Misery likes I hope you feel just a little better