Cannot Access my Email - sub-account only

For 24 hours I have been unable to access my sub account email from the web, my computer client or my smartphone. However, I continue to receive my primary account email. I have been told it is a widespread problem but I don't see widespread comments here. The message when I attempt login is:

"The information you entered does not match the information we have on file."

There is no doubt that I have the correct username and password. I have used this account for over 10 years.

I checked in my MyVerizon Primary account settings and my sub account is still listed. I called Support and they told me it would be worked on 'soon'.

Anyone else have this experience and any solution identified?

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Re: Cannot Access my Email - sub-account only

All my email accounts (Outlook on PCs, Apple Mail and Outlook for MAC) time out when I try to get email. My Verizon Yahoo on line (I think you call that a primary account) does work, but none of the local accounts can connect.  After support checked my email settings three times and found them to be correct, they said their server was undergoing "scheduled maintenance".  This actually happens to me every once in a while and I go through the same **bleep** with verizon.  Personally I think their server needs more capacity.  I too am surprised that there are not more complaints on here.  This HAS to be a universal problem.