Cannot access emails on the BROWSER in a Blackberry
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This is a repeat of a prior post that was NOT solved.  Verizon has not fixed the continuing problem -

I cannot use the BROWSER in my Blackberry Bold to access my home Verizon emails when I go to  It is only intermittent as to whether I can see my Inbox - sometimes yes, sometimes no.  But I CANNOT send an email.  This is because the web pages are broken. 

(I am using the Blackberry's BROWSER because the Blackberry is issued by my company for company emails.  It receives and sends company emails fine, and its browser is fine for accessing the internet.  But when I point its browser to to access my personal home emails at [myname], it fails.)

I live and work in New York City, where this problem is occurring.  However, when I was in the Caribbean in mid-June, there was no problem.  This obviously means that the web pages are configured wrong OR that is configured to BLOCK the requests if the source is in New York City.

Why has Verizon not fixed this? is supposed to work.  It is supposed to let me access my home emails (and send emails) using a small browser.

Re: Cannot access emails on the BROWSER in a Blackberry
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Maybe you can work around  this issue with an alternative browser.

I noticed you posted at DSL reports did any of the suggestions there help?  

Does anyone at work with a BB have similar issues?