Cannot be more dissatisfied with Verizon customer service!

I used to say Verizon is great because it has a great customer service. Now, I am having a second thought. I have just bought a new phone with a new contract and since then I have been having all kinda technical issues with the phone reception and its 4G network. I reported the problem to the Verizon immediately, and in response, instead of simply replacing the phone, they have put me through some time consuming technical checks for three times! and at the end, they just simply left me alone with the problem. Also, every time they acted like they had no idea what the previous person had said/done and made me start the whole process from the scratch! Can you believe it?!

I know I was naive to take their words but I trusted them and now here I am, stuck with a phone and out of the 14 day guarantee replacement window. The last technical support I spoke with literally tricked me, manipulated me and at the end lied to me. After a comprehensive technical check including even a change of SIM card, she fully acknowledged the problem and said she would replace my phone with a new phone (a different device) and do the price match. She asked me to wait for her to double check with her colleague. She never got back to me. I contacted her many times, and sent her many messages but she did not have even the courtesy to call me back. She dragged this issue for so long that now I am out of 14-day guarantee replacement window and stuck with the manufacture warranty replacement!

I am starting to believe that this is a technique they use to make the replacement process very inconvenient and tiring for customers, so eventually they’d give up, and guess what, many people actually do! Furthermore, when they make you wait too long (more than 14 days), you will no longer be eligible for the 14-day guarantee replacement. They get their way and you are stuck with the phone and manufacture. I cannot believe some customer agent use such “dirty” techniques to “manage” the situation (read: get rid of the customer by any means).

The thing I am more angry about than the phone itself is the fact that they insulted my intelligence by lying about the replacement, wasting my time, and the fact that they asked me to trust them but did not return my trust. Speechless!

Re: Cannot be more dissatisfied with Verizon customer service!
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It looks like your issue is with Verizon Wireless.  You should check out their forums and support on their web page:

Good Luck.