Cannot download or store/save emails on my cell phone

I have had problems with downloading and saving emails on my cell phone for the past month.  I have been to 4 Verizon stores, and no one has been able to troubleshoot or fix the issue for me.  One verizon person told me that once it downloads onto my computer, then it is no longer accessible or downloading onto the phone or Ipad. 

On my cellphone, the Verizon icon shows that there are emails and then when I press that icon, it goes to "0" and all the messages are deleted.   Can someone provide the answers why it is doing so and how to correct?  I've spent hours on the phone with Verizon with no correction to this issue.

I've got the correct settings as the Verizon reps at the stores have put them in - however nothing comes through!  This is so very frustrating.  It all stopped working about a month ago.  I know that they have new servers, but that information is now in place, but still not working.  I am paying over $300/month for Fios but it is very frustrating to say the least.

Thanks for any help.

Re: Cannot download or store/save emails on my cell phone
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Community Leader

THe indicator may be wrong.  Check from your phone or computer on the website to see if their are any mail messages still on the verizon mail site.