Cannot find a Verizon e-Mail address for Complaints

My web-based Verizon e-mail was infected.  A viral e-mail was sent to everyone in my Sent folder that I had recently corresponded with.  That is how I know it happened via the web-based access, because I have many more contacts in my computer's Outlook application.  Also, at the time the viral e-mail was sent, I was at work, not at home on my home computer.  I received one of the viral e-mails at work!!!  I have been trying to find a contact e-mail to send this information to Verizon, but every time I click on a "Contact Us" link, it loops me back to the same page.  This is EXTREMELY frustrating!  Very bad customer service!!  Does anyone have a good e-mail contact for Verizon web-based e-mail issues?

Re: Cannot find a Verizon e-Mail address for Complaints
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Also, if your online email has been compromised, you need to immediately change your password and secret question to something new and complex.