Cannot manage sub email accounts

I have been trying for two weeks to be able to manage my sub email accounts. I have called 7 times and the ticket is escalated every time. I received two call backs telling me my DSL service is disconnected. I have not had DSL for TWO years. I have been notified twice that the ticket would be resolved in 24-48 hours.  I only have Verizon email accounts(Essentials).  I have done screen sharing twice on my home PCs. Once on my laptop and once on my PC. I have tried firefox, explorer, and chrome browsers and I still do not get the option to manage my accounts within the message center of my Primary account. Can someone shed some light on this issue? What's funny is that I work for a telecom company that offers the same service that I get from Verizon. I am beginning to lose my admiration for BIG RED.