Changed pri and sub email passwords but smtp and pop servers not updating

Is there an issue with Verizon passing account credentials from Verizon Web to Verizon Client/App servers?

I recently chanqged my primary account password along with all sub accounts.  Logging in to verizon web email for all accounts is successful.  However, passwords seem  not to be updated on Verizon's pop and smtp server.  I cannot use the new passwords within Outlook.  All old passwords still work. 

In short I am logging on to web mail with new passwords and Outlook with the old.  All mail is being sent and delivered  successfully when using both web email with new password and Outlook with old password.  When I use the new password in Outlook Verizon POP and SMTP rejects.  Put the old back in and mail is successful.

Yes all settings are correct (995, 465, SSL, etc) which is evident by the fact I'm still receiving email via the old password.  Cache has been cleared, profiles recreated, etc..  I even tried setup on a device i never logged on to before and a fresh install. Same results.  Old password works in Outlook.  New on web mail.

P.S. I'm in PA and not affected by the AOL switch.