Changing Primary User ID
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So my girlfriend just got FIOS a few months ago.  When the tech set her up she checked to see if her old Verizon SMTP address was available; it was. She starts using this only to be told a week later that she cannot use that.  It was a sub-account on a primary account that was closed after she divorced over a year ago.   If the account was closed, don't know why it was a problem, but anyway....  She was told to choose a new username. She mistakenly added an @ sign to the end of it.  So her logon is Username@   The system left it with that.   Her primary e-mail address is 

When she tries to use various verizon apps and e-mail, it sometimes sees the conflict between the 2.  It always assumes that the logon is going to be the same as the e-mail address.  I've seen a couple of apps that will show as the e-mail address.  I have talked to online chat and asked repeatedly to be connected to Tier 2 support.  I keep getting told "She cannot change her primary user ID once it has been established"  I know this to be untrue as I experienced a similar situation when I used my old DSL SMTP address and there was a disconnect between my FIOS account and this address.  Eventually I was able to reach the right technician to correct this issue.

How can I talk to someone who can correct this?

The desired result is to have her SMTP address and verizon UserID be the same.