Changing SubAccount email passwords, my saga

After going through an incredible amount of bologna to get this done, I have at last been able to change one of my sub-account email passwords.  You have to start this process by trying to sign in using your subaccount info, what you know or remember of it, most likely you will then be taken to the "forgot your password" page. Yes, it looks just like the normal page you would see in your main account. You can then opt to get a phone call with an temp. 8 digit password.  I had to do this twice as the first time nothing worked. Ok, now, you have your 8 digit password and you are at the screen that tells you to sign in, after you opted for the phone call you should be on that page, hopefuly you have not been clicking around all over. You will get lost, I did! Click on the red sign in box or arrow or whatever it is, and enter the code you just received. Now you get to go to a page to create a new password and set up a picture, and set up a question and answer, after that you should be good to go. If everything is working the way it should you should end up on a start page that tells you that you are signed in as one of your sub-accounts. Thats the only way I knew it had worked was seeing that. 

After a short prayer I entered the new password into my email program for that particular sub account and good heavens above, it Worked!!!   This was the second try for me, some of you may get really lucky and it will work for you the first time. I couldn't find anything on the verizon site that outlined this process, may just not have been looking in the right place but I couldn't find anything. Good luck all. 🙂