Changing forgotten password for SMTP Server profile


during connectivitivy issues with the Verizon e-mail server on 12/4, I first thought the reason for being able to send e-mails from a business domein e-mail address on my I MAC was due to a problem with the settings on my IMAC. In the process of trouble shooting the connections I may have accidentaly changed my password for the SMTP Server "" . I keep getting a message:

"The SMTP Server "" rejected the password for user "chuck.malloy"  Enter your password again or cancel" 

How can I recover the password since it is still in place for the "" function on my I Phone and I PAD e-mail ?

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Changing forgotten password for SMTP Server profile
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It's the same password you use to log into with that username.

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There seems to be a problem with FIOS internet services, specifically SMTP and POP.  The servers are slow, and with my FIOS 150/30 plan, it seems almost painful.

Specifically, the POP and SMTP services have gotten slow over the past few days.  Some folks think it is a password problem, but my experience as a network engineer is that slow servers will cause timeouts in many email programs.  The timeouts may give an error message, incorrectly, that the username/password is invalid.

How did I test this?   I used three common platforms, all connected via ethernet, not WIFI:  Mac, Linux, and Windows.  Different email clients on each.  Using a network utility, I monitored the download speeds when trying to retrieve my incoming emails.  I was getting speeds in the range of 200 bits per second, yes, 200 bits, not KB or MB.  Sometimes the speeds rose to 200KB/s, but nowhere near my typical speeds.   

Since Verizon does not have an email address to send directed complaints, and their first-level support is lacking,  I thought I'd post this to ask if others are experiencing similar problems.  Again, this has happened in the past, so I'm familiar with the issue.  It generally clears itself up in a few days.

Additional notes:  Speedtest measures 158/40MB/s, so there is nothing wrong with the connection.  Tried rebooting the local router as well.  It is a server problem, or congestion at a router at Verizon's end.