Chinese spam: Filter on character code GB2312
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I use Pegasus Mail's POP3 filter.  That means I can create an email rule where upon connecting to the POP3 Server and I can summarily delete email off the server without ever having to download a message that meats the criteria of the rule.

I want to filter on Chinese spam (the same could be for Russian Cyrillic or any other character set).

When I look at the headers of the Chinese spam, it will contain a header entry such as the following...

Subject: =?gb2312?B?aWx2N3VobjRn06pgz/pgyv1gvt1gt9ZgzvY=?=
I have tried a POP3 rule
If Subject contains; =?gb2312 Delete from server
?gb2312 indicates Chinese.  However the filter never works on the "subject" or the "from" header fields.
I brought this up ~1year ago on Usenet
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As well as on the Pegasus mails forums.
All indications from the author  (David Harris) indicate the rule should work.  Others have done tests using non-Vz servers.  However something about the Vz implementation of POP3 is making it not work. 
Instead of Pegasus mail seeing the raw Subject: =?gb2312?B?...  Pegasus is seeing the Interpreted string;   ilv7uhn4g营`销`数`据`分`析    and thus the filter rule fails.
Verizon email experts:
How can I get Pegasus to read the RAW header string and not an interpreted header string ?
Re: Chinese spam: Filter on character code GB2312
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Re: Chinese spam: Filter on character code GB2312
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Thank you but, they don't have the knowledge level capable of dealing with such advanced subject matter.

They won't even understand the terminology "email header" nor what a charcter set is such as...

GB2312 -

GB18030 -

ISO-8859-15 -

I'm sorry but this subject matter is just too advanced for them.  Just look at all the problems I have faced in dealing with the simple problem of getting Vz to recognize the email server problem where "cleaning filters" in Mail never finishes.  If the subject matter is Off Script they just are unable to handle it.

As for chat - that's unicast.

This venue, like the Pegaus Forum and Usenet, is multicast.


And yes, I know it is mostly User to User but you never know the skillsets of those who may be present here.

If no one has a real answer I can deal with it.  Just as I have had to do for over 12 months.  I just fingure I'll tap this resource and maybe there may be someone who can understand the content and have an idea such as I have to use a special character sequence in the string such that P-Mail will see the raw string;  =?gb2312?B?...  and not the Interpreted string;   ilv7uhn4g营`销`数`据`分`析