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We don't have the GO TO CLASSIC VIEW link, and are having a miserable time trying to navigate through the new format. We've really tried to make it work for us, but there are just way too many things we're unhappy with. Could someone PLEASE let us know how to change back. We've tried to sign in using different URL's (,, etc.), but we just get routed back to the new format.

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At the top of my E mail page is a link next to "help" which says Classic View.  If I click there I go to the classic view.  Hope you can too!

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@debjo wrote:

We don't have the GO TO CLASSIC VIEW link, and are having a miserable time trying to navigate through the new format. We've really tried to make it work for us, but there are just way too many things we're unhappy with. Could someone PLEASE let us know how to change back. We've tried to sign in using different URL's (,, etc.), but we just get routed back to the new format.

Apparently some people do have the link to switch back, I do, and others don't, I have no clue why. I have several Verizon email addresses, I can switch back and forth easily on each one, at least so far. I generally do not use webmail for anything other than checking my SPAM folder, but I regularly use the Classic View for one of the addresses. If I log off of that id and log into another I get the New format every time (unless I use the link on that id to go back to Classic, then it will stay that way until I again purposely switch to New). 

Verizon's direction is clearly the New format. And I suspect they are not going to support the Classic view much longer, and force us all to use the New format. As far as I can see, the only function really missing from the New format is there is no ability to create text only messages, everything is in HTML.

I understand that you are frustrated, but why don't you tell us what doesn't work in the New format, or what you don't like. Give us Specifics. Maybe someone here can help you customize the New format better to your liking, or find the functions you are missing.

Of course another alternative is to use another free webmail provider, like Gmail. Or you can install and use a free email client, like Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird. So you do have some options available.

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I am having a hard time. I hate this new format. I can't reply via my email to any of my yahoo groups. I used to be able to hit the reply button and I could do that. No more. It says "you have to use plain text".

so how do I get to change it to Plain Text?   I obviously can't switch to classic view anymore.


thanks to anyone who can help me.  And if you could write me at {edited for privacy}  I'd appreciate it. I tried using this as my email but it wouldn't go through (have no idea why) so I used  a stupid gmail address which I never use.

Help please. Why does Verizon try and control our emails?

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What I do not like...

1. When a conversation is open, I do not want a popup baloon with the options to "send email" or "add to contacts". I want to be   able to highlight, so I can copy.

2. "Settings" tab is rather useless, there are hardly any options.

3. When I open my inbox, check delete, and delete an email, the next box is automatically checked. I do not want it to be checked unless I check it. This one is VERY annoying.

4. I have no "switch to classic view" tab, otherwise I wouldn't be in this forum whining.

5. Also, I'm not a big fan of the open tabs across the top like a firefox wannabe view.

6. The fact that I can't remember the 10 other things I've been crying about since the switch.

I, Too, Hate this new format

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Can't I even edit my post??

Forgot to mention that FIOS service is great but why is my email soooo slooowwww

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I don't see why I have to be FORCED to switch over to something I NEVER wanted in the first place.  There was nothing wrong with the old format.  It was user friendly and uncluttered.

Things I hate about the new format:

The "reply" and "forward" options are there to click on but not labeled clearly.  What's with the idiotic icons?  Just label them for what they are like the old format.  Then there is an "actions" tab that does the same exact thing.  This just clutters up the page and is redundant.  These could share the space with the "Compose"  "Delete" "Spam" etc. and save space for the opened email window.

When you check the box to select a particular email, you get this extremely annoying "select this row" bubble message.  I get a ton of spam that I like to go through and check off to delete before I start looking at my real emails. This message balloon gets in the way and slows down this process.  Not anything serious, but ANNOYING none the less.

The window in which the email opens is TOO SMALL!  I can only get a small number of  lines displayed on the current page before having to continuously scroll through the text.  Again, ANNOYING!  It would be nice to be able to see the entire email in one page.   There is too much wasted space in all the unecessary headers.  Get rid of the 2"  title header above the text and make the window larger please!

I don't like the Firefox like tabs either.  I have Firefox and already have the tabs open on my browser.  This just clutters up the page and is unecessary.  If you like these tabs, just get Firefox and you'll have them for all your sites and emails.

Do we really need a "print" tab (again only an icon instead of just being labeled what it is)?  Every browser has a print option already in the toolbar.  Just another thing to clutter up the page and be redundant.

The line with the "Conversations"  "Contacts" "Calendar" etc. could all be included in the side menu with the inbox, send, drafts, folders, etc.  This just takes up more space and makes the opened email window that much smaller.  More wasted space.

Just give US the option of wanting to switch like we used to have.  I have nothing against change, but complicating things instead of simplifying them is going in the wrong direction.

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I couldn't agree more. My main complaint is in organizing my folders. Before, I was able to move my messages around into different folders, and they would appear in the folders in the order I placed them there (call me crazy, but that's how I liked it). Now, they're automatically worked in by date, and it just screws up what I'm trying to do. While you're in a particular folder, you can put them in order by Sender or Subject (which still doesn't help me), but as soon as you exit the folder and go back in, it goes right back to what I guess is a "default" order by date. Also, when I try to move messages from my Inbox into a folder, they go into the folder I've selected, but then they appear at the bottom of my Inbox also. When I then try to delete them from my Inbox, I get a message saying something like: 'This message has already been moved or deleted', but it won't delete until I sign out and go back in. I agree with all the complaints I've read regarding this new format. Having such a small viewing area in the body of the emails is particularly frustrating because sometimes pictures are sent and the only way to see them is in pieces. I agree with you also that the whole thing is just way too busy. I really resent not having a choice in this change... maybe if enough people complain, they'll let us go back to the old format.

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PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE Change it back!!!!!!



There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the classic.

At least give us the option.

I, (hopefully "we"), understand that everything has to change, but come on Verizon!! Feel our pain.

I hate to say it but I actually thought about Comc*** ( God that makes me sick!!!) for a split second.

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The classic view was available while they were working on completing the new web mail. The new version has now been completed and classic view is being fazed out. From what I understand, once your acct is moved to the new server (you will not be able to prevent this or even notice that it is happening), the "classic view" button will then be available for another 15 days. After the 15 day transition period "classic view" will disappear and will no longer be available. If you no longer have the "classic view" button, it means your system has finished the upgrade and you cannot go back. Everyone that has "classic view" at the moment will not have it for much longer. From what I understand, the new message center system will be fully incorporated and everyone will be migrated over to it in the next month or two.