Comcast E-mail's Not Being Received
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Is anyone having problems with their Comcast contacts' e-mail's being catagorized by Verizon as Spam?

I have a contact that uses Comcast e-mail where this began happening a few days ago.  I can add his e-mail in my Settings section as "Safe" and that works but I was wondering if this is a system-wide issue between Concast and Verizon e-mail.

My contact is receiving all of my E-mail's but his incoming e-mail's are all getting sent to the Verizon Spam folder unless I add his address to the "Safe" filter list.

I sent an e-mail to    with my contact's e-mail address a couple of days ago.  That doesn't seem to have had an effect on the issue.

Re: Comcast E-mail's Not Being Received
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Looks like your doing everything that I would advise. is more so when your sending and the outgoing spam filter is catching it from what I understand from when I had this problem a while ago.

I would suggest the safe senders list if that helps you get your email in the inbox for the customer's