Comcast Friend Not Receivng My Messags
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My friend who uses Comcast is not receiving any emails from me when sent from my laptop.  She does, however, receive them from my Amazon Fire Tablet.  I am using Windows Mail but I've also tried sending the emails directly from the Verizon website email page. 

As far as I am aware, this friend is the only one who isn't receiving my emails from my laptop.  I have sent test and otheremails to other friends who also use Comcast and they received them.  My friend, however, claims that my emails are the only ones SHE is not receiving.   She called Comcast, who told her the problem is on my end after she received their test message. 

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this strange situation?  I can't think of what setting on my laptop could be causing the issue, especially since everyone else is getting my emails, but I don't want to just assume it's something I can't fix without even trying.  Thanks.

Re: Comcast Friend Not Receivng My Messags
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The fire tablet is also using the same Verizon servers? And is working.

You are able to connect to the Internet?  There is a recent Windows 10 problem that fails to automatically clear out your assigned IP address when the Verizon router cannot give you the same address again 

Do you use a automatic signature?  Could be something that is not liked in it.

Make sure your antivirus software is current and has been run.

Good luck.