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How do I get my verizon emails forwarded to my new hotmail account? I spend the entire day trying to convince VZ that I am not a spammer and that they needed to take the spam hold or whatever it is off my account so that I can send and receive emails. The most they could do was allow me to log in through the portal, get one of those authentication hoops to jump through every time I want my mail and then get my email only through the portal. I can't get it even through the portal on my ipad and can't use Windows Live anymore. They want me to pay to get support for getting those issues fixed. I don't pay them enough already? Getting Comcast now. Just want to know how to get my emails forwarded during the transition and permanetly. Now I'll have a permanet email incase I ever move out of the Comcast area. I'm never again beholden to an ISP provider because of an email address. Lousy service just cost them another customer.

Enthusiast - Level 2

Im right behind you comrade. Been a DSL customer for a long long time but as of lately VZ service has turned to *expletive* hence i am getting optimum online installed tomorrow and verizon has just lost me as a customer, that will include land line and cell phone service.

Just terrible terrible experience trying to deal with this company lately